Bio-Spheres Classic W Series

The Beachworld W series Classic Bio Sphere does not come with Gorgonia The WG series comes in a variety of Sizes.  All Beachworks Bio-Spheres WG Series are Spherical


  • W5 12.5 cm - 5 inches
The residents of your BeachWorld bio spheres are hawaiian shrimps, also know as Opae'ula (oh-pie-oola), are found only on certain islands. Deep red layers of algae line the walls of these pools, along with other types of macro algae. The Shrimps do not eat the algae, but rather maintain it, eating the micro algae and bacteria that grow on the layers of algae. They are literally the gardeners of their environment, maintaining the balance within the pools, keeping them clean so that the large algae can thrive.

W5 Spherical

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The w-5 Beachworld Classic Bosphere contains only Shrimp and substrate