Bio-Spheres Classic WG Series

The WG Series of the Beachworld Classic  Bio-Sphere Includes All Animals the W series contains plus the Gorgonia tree as well.


  • WG5 12 cm = 4 3/4  inches
  • WG6 15 cm Almost 6 inches
  • WG8 20 cm  Almost 8 inches
  • WG10 25 cm 9 3/4 inches


The residents of your BW are shrimp which are found only on certain islands. The shrimp eats the algae, andmaintains them rather, eating the algae and the bacteria microphone which develop on the layers of algae. They are literally the gardeners of their environment, maintaining balance   If the shrimps are disturbed they tend to loose their luminous red color temporarily in order to try to mix inside with their bottom. Once they are balanced they will return to their original state. With the difference of their normal habitat, there is no predator in the Beachworld bio-spheres , thus the life of shrimps can be extremely long.

WG Spherical Bio-Spheres

Larger picture 
The Shape of the Classic WG series is a self enclosed ecosystem that comes in many sizes.