Bio-Spheres FreshwaterW6 W8 W10 Series

The Biospheres Freshwater simulate a Pond Enviroment.

Our planet is a closed system in which living organisms are sustained: a Bio-Sphere where nothing leaves or
enters axcept sunlight. Paragon Space Development Corporation as captured the essence of this process in
the Bio-Sphere.
Now you can literally have A World of your Own!
A complex interplay between plants, animals and the environment maintain a delicate balance. Energy from
the Sun drives biospheric cycles and promotes planet and animal growth. Light from the Sun causes
plants to undergo aprocess called photosynthesis which uses the energy from light to turn carbon dioxide
into oxygen. In return, the animals generate carbon dioxide and nutrients needed by the plants.
Paragon was started in 1993 by two of the original Biospherians, Ms. Jane Poynter and Mr. Taber
MacCallum, who were the principle designers of the agricultural areas and analytical systems inside
Biosphere 2. They lived and worked in the closed ecological system for two years. The glass and steel
structure, located in Oracle, Arizona, covers 3.15 acres and contains several different environments including
rain forest, savanna, desert, marsh, and ocean. Upon completion of the Biosphere 2 project, Ms. Poynter and
Mr. MacCallum pursued the research and design of miniature biospheres as scientific instruments for
environmental test and control applications. The elegant solution to balanced ecosystem design they
developed resulted in the Bio-Sphere you now own. The patented processes used to build your Bio-Sphere
are the same used to build Bio-Spheres that have flown in Space on NASA's Space Shuttle and the Russian
Space Station MIR (read more about these exciting space flight experiments on our web page)!
Your Bio-Sphere is a sealed, spherical enclosure containing plants and animals in perfect balance within an
aquatic environment. It is an elegant, completely-enclosed ecosystem teeming with plants and animals in
equilibrium. The environment is specifically tailored to support numerous life forms including aquatic plant
life and animal life such as small snails, crustecea, and small water-borne animals. The plants provide
oxygen (through photosynthesis) and food for the animals which in turn provide carbon dioxide and
nutrients for the plants!


  • W6L 15 cm
  • W8L 20 cm
  • W10L 25 cm