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ANT1-2Portable Plantariums


We are the new distributor of the Globus Educational product line from Italy and would like to introduce ourselves to you.

The Gel product line is now available and includes many fascinating product lines.  The best seller the Antquarium line was one of the first of its kind.  Offing many sizes from the super antquarium with its large curved shape down to the mini portable one that fits right on your belt loop with its included clip and carrying. Best of all NO FOOD OR WATER REQUIRED!!

This N.A.S.A space age habitat is a gel filled container that ants can live off of.  The ants burrow 3-d holes in the gel and no watering or food is required.  This can last up to 6 months and has some unique characteristics than many of the other Ant Colonies do not have.

The unique top secret gel formula actually produces oxygen which will help your ant colony live longer.  It is also larger than many of the current ones on that market by quite a bit.  Ants can be ordered online at Bio-Spheres.com and delivered year around in 1-2 weeks generally depending on the weather conditions.  Refill kits of the gel will also soon be available so you can yearly replace the gel and start from scratch!!

Another great idea  was the planetarium line of toys.  These interesting gel filled containers come in many shapes and sizes as well.  From the single glass vials with 12 different seeds  like sunflower, aloe, tomato to the larger varieties that allow you to transplant your  plants from the gel to a new included container with peat pellets.
After the great success obtained with the Plantarium Vials, we have created the Set: 3 Vials Philas to be selected to sow in your favourite plants' seed. Each glass vial/phial contains a special nutritive gel that can be used to sow and let germinate a lucky charm tiny plant. Each seed has a special meaning and giving it to your friends will make their dreams come true.You can choose among the seeds of Basil, Carnation, Chilly, Tomato, Egg Plant, Melon, Sunflower and many others. Choose the one you like the most!


 Seed options
  • Aloe Basil Bell Pepper Carnation Eggplant Impatiens Licorice Marigold Melon Sunflower Sage Tomato
  • 4 Leaf CloverPlantarium Vials

    Bio-Sphere BeachworldThis product is Coming soon to the USA and Canada.


    The full product line of  www.bio-spheres.com is available toUsa and Canada only due to our contact with Italy
    Email Sales@bio-spheres.com