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Ok, So we know there are only a few breeds that do well with digging great tunnels in your Antquarium kit and they are quite hard to get.  We have them right here.  During the extreme weather months we suggest choosing @ least priority shipping that means you get the ants in about 3 days after we ship them!!  Please note we can only ship to the USA and Canada.
Once you receive your ants for your Antquariums we suggest you placing them in the

refrigerator for about 30 minutes as this will put them in a type of suspended animation state.  Prior to adding the ants to your Antquarium get an adult.  These ants can bite and it is not a nice feeling (We know we have tried it for testing purposes only :)   Pour them into your habitat and quickly with tweezers remove the packing material and any dead ones.


Watch out though as some may look dead as they like to curl up and get all warm and snuggly when they get in the refridgerator.  If needed you can later open the top and remove the ants from your antquarium.  Thats it.


Purchase Live Ants


Purchase Live Ants here.

Need ants for your Antquarium unit?  Well you have come to the right place.  You can only Buy Live  ants from our site. We do not sell any other products to the end user.  For all other items please see your local dealer.

Please note that ground shipping should not be chosen during the summer or winter months due to increased mortality.