In 2003 NASA scientists, keen to examine the behaviour of animal life in space, conducted a unique experiment using a colony of ants and an amazing non-toxic, nutrient-filled transparent gel. The Antquariums were developed with special properties to withstand immense g-forces,  The Nasa space age gel provides a stunning hassle free habitat for the ants within a clear plastic case called the antquarium. 

This unit comes in comes in many sizes from the small portable mini to the Super Antquarium ®. This exceptional colony was sent into orbit on the space shuttle, and the ants not only survived but thrived, creating fascinating tunnels in the microgravity of the gel.   See why The Antquarium is the best of its kind!!


The new Super Antquarium  ® perfectly replicates the habitat created for the ants by NASA, allowing you to observe this fascinating microsm of life. Who needs zero gravity when you can watch your army of ants do their thing at your desk? And best of all, you don't have to do a thing.


No feeding, no watering; the gel contains all the nutrients your six-legged subjects need to survive, and if an ant bites the bullet, worker ants generally bring the body to the surface to allow for easy extraction. 
Whats Cooler than the Antquarium®  ?....   Hmmm we haven't  figured that one out yet


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