Plantarium Greenhouses

Plantarium Greenhouse Kits and Garden Labs - Gel for seeds

Plantarium is a line of products derived from aerospace technology and created in the laboratories of GLOBUS International, in order to recreate nutritive and non-toxic culture media for the life of vegetable and animal ecosystems.

The Plantarium Gel is a new and clever product that allows you to have always a little green lucky charm in your life. A comfortable container containing a special nutritive gel that can be used to sow and to see grow the life of a lucky plant.

It has been noted that each plantarium seed has a special meaning and by giving it as a gift, the plant will begin to grow inside the container and is said to fulfill the dream of the person who receives it. 

Assortments include:

Glass Vials:  12 different seed types for the vials with attractive display boxes.

Plantarium Greenhouses: Come in 3 packages with 2 different types of seeds each.

Plantarium Garden Laboratory: (3 pack) Acrylic Containers with 3 typs of seeds. 3 colors of gel as well red, green and yellow

Mini Greenhouse: Portable Greenhouse included the noted 4 leaf clover a top seller.  Also includes belt clip and sleeve.