Planting your Seeds

Detailed instructions on planting the plantarium vials



Please open the cap, remove the top and place a seed inside..




Use the stick of the bamboo and push to depth of 2 and 3 millimeters. 


Please replace the top cap on the vial or unit. Put the bottle in the dark place in order to urge germination. 


After approx 1 week the plant will sprout new leaves and the the seed starts producing the bud,   You can then move the unit to a place where it will get more ambient light but not direct sunlight.  Remember this is an enclosed space so heat will be stored in there and destroy the plant if lighting is to intense. 


When it grows largely in the extent where the leaf is attached, using the small spatula, please open the bottle and remove the green. 


In order not to damage the root of the green which it removes, please wash away the kindly politely with the water. 


Once it has outgrown the vial you can move the plant from the plantarium to a small pot.   Please cover with transparent vinyl bag such as a sandwich bag, in order to keep the humidity high while the plant begins it new growth cycle..