gel with ants
Ants and Learning

Can animals such as ants really learn.  Well read on and find out about an interesting experiment on ants and such.

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You may have heard of scientists putting rats in a maze to dee if they could learn to find their way through it. But have you ever heard of an ant maze? Well, it’s been tried.

Not all kinds of ants can learn a maze, but some ants do very well. Ants that must search out food and find their way back to their ant hill can also find their way through a maze. Do you think that their pheromones helped?  

One entomologist tried an interesting experiment to see if ants could solve a problem. He put some ant pupae (young ants) on a small island of dirt surrounded by water. The ants threw dirt on the water until they had built a bridge. They rescued the pupae and brought them home. The entomologist then tried another experiment. He made an island without pupae on it. The ants covered the water with dirt again! The scientist found that ants often cover water with dirt.

As an amateur entomologist you can perform experiments with your ants. As a matter of fact, we have included some experiments and data sheets in this guide. Remember that an ant is a remarkable animal. Take good care of your ants!