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October 06

For external use approved 20 Oct 06. Newsletter


We at would like to thank everyone who have helped make this year a productive one and would like to show you what is coming down the pipeline.

 2006 has been a great year for our company thanks to you our customers.  2007 looks like a promising year with some new ideas down the line.


New for the 2007 year will be LED lit bases for our Plantarium and Antquarium line.  These LED bases will be a sure hit for kids and adults of all ages.

Oh yes I almost forgot a lot of you have been asking for a new shape on the Antquariums and a new unit is in the works.  This will be done in about 20 days!!!   


Hmmm What else can I tell you about without the boss firing me this month.   Well the word is out REPLACEMENT GEL.  That’s right the gel for tha Antquariums and Plantquariums are coming in in our next shipment. 

These will work in our competitors units as well.  Many customers have said well what does the customer do when the gel is mostly used up.  Well now we have a viable solution.  Another great thing many museums have wanted to do is make their own super antquarium.  Well the wait is over now they can!!

Some other new interesting developments are minute portable plant containers.  These tiny items will include the seeds and gel and will attach to belt clips, phone accessories, wallets and purses.
Similar items currently are the rage overseas.  These will require no care whatsoever and be very low cost to the consumer as well our vendors!!


Some even newer exclusive items will be revealed later this year, so keep your eyes open.  One last note we are making many new design changes in the coming weeks on our website
as many of you have noticed so be sure to come back daily and see what is new.


We recently began carrying the green glow bricks and they have been a huge hit.  These glow bricks have a real light bulb inside but use sunlight or other light and store it during the day for energy. 

Well blue ones are on their way and will be in next month from what I am told. 


We know have the forest ants listed on the newly redesigned website.  This is the ONLY combination of plants and animal gel product that anyone has.  Why you ask well because you know the saying always imitated or something like that.  Anyway this one is gonna be a hard one for anyone to even get close with as it needs to have the properties to sustain plants and animals and we don’t see anyone else even trying to duplicate it!!!


            Ok last item this month before my paycheck gets yanked as its too close to Christmas and I just cant take the chance sorry.  We just started distributing the faucet lights. These will attach to most faucets and come with extra batteries and  2 adapters.

We worked out a great deal on these so be sure to try some and piggyback  them on your order as if you order them direct shipping will kill ya!!.


Attached is the ending price of our 2006 year end product line. 




The Team @ Bio-Spheres