Plantarium Instructions

Plantarium Instructions

Unscrew the cap of the bottle and remove the under-tap containing the seeds.
Pour the seeds inside the bottle and press them under the surface of the gel for about 2 millimeters by using the stick included in the packet. 

Plantarium gel growing instructions

How to start your plantarium!

Open the seed package and use the small stick to put the seeds in the grooves, within the gel.

Avoid touching the seeds with your hands.

Once you have planted the seeds, immediately close the culture container with the plastic cover.

Put your “PLANTARIUM” in a dark place with an environmental temperature of about 70° - 80° Fahrenheit for 2 to 3 weeks.

Once the seeds are planted, do not open the cover until your plant is ready to be transplanted.

The cover protects your plant and the Gel from bacteria and mold. Don't worry, your plant can still breathe. It is not necessary to water the plant, as the gel gives it the necessary water and nourishment.

In about two to three weeks, white roots should appear, which indicates  the seeds are ready to  sprout and the beginning of plant growth

It should be noted that seeds from the same species may sprout at different times.

Some of the plantarium seeds may not sprout – this is why you find more seeds within the package. As soon as a seed has sprout, take your plant from a dark to normal lighting environment.

Do not expose the plant to temperatures below 50 ° F / 10°C. KEEP THE PLANT AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND WINDOWS. Cover the plant with a transparent container only for the first week. .

After the small plants have become strong, generally after about 2 to 3 weeks, you can transplant them in your garden or in a pot. Water it every two days without leaving too much water in the green house. And you can start watching your plant grows Don't forget to take loving care of your plant, it's a living being – treat it well!