Beachworld Instructions

BEACHWORLD - Bio Spheres       
Basic Instructions.       
    1- You must give your biosphere natural or artificial light each day to allow the vital
processes to take place.  Neon, flourescent lights, ordinary light bulbs or even better,
Bio Spheres - Beachworlds lamps (which can be purchased from either the us selling our products
or through Globus direct) are all okay to use. It is important to ensure the lights do not
make the spheres warm.    
There is no scientific formula dictating the exact amount of light per day the Beachworlds
need to remain healthy. If your home is very dark, we suggest five to six hours artificial
light per day. If your home gets plenty of natural daylight then this is probably all the
Beachworld needs. It is important to remember that if the shrimps are very orange/red
and are resting on the coral, walking on the pebbles or swimming around slowly,
whatever you are doing is perfect!
    2- NEVER  expose your biosphere to direct sunlight. Placing your biosphere on a
window sill is fine providing it does not get direct sunlight.
    3- For the first month, check your biosphere daily. Ensure your shrimps have an
orange/red hue and are calm. They should be resting on the pebbles or coral. If your
shrimps are almost transparent and are racing around the sphere, this probably indicates
that they are getting too much or too little light. To rectify this problem, place the
biosphere elsewhere within your home until you find the perfect place. 
    4- If you have been using artificial light to maintain your Beachworld and are going
away for more than two days, either give it to a friend to care for or use a timer light. 
    5- During the summer place your Beachworld in a controlled temperature area
between 13° and 27° C. In extreme conditions place your biosphere in a sink with  water
to cool it down. You can also call GLOBUS Customer Service for advice on: 
0039 0182 559 495.        
 Do not:                  
 - Place your BW in direct sunlight
 - Shake your BW          
 - Place your BW outside  
 - Place your BW in a room where the temperature goes above 27° or below 13°.
Light Exposure            
Bulb   Distance           
40 Watt   15 cm.          
60 Watt   25 cm.          
100 Watt                  30 cm.
Neon   Distance           
Up to 30 Watt             40 cm.
More than 30 Watt         65 cm.
Sunlight Lamp GLOBUS      


--------------------------------------- 2

Distance between 5 and 10 cm.