Jellphish Mode Demos

Mode: Static

In this mode you can select a signal static color. Press the select + button once. The lamp will now scroll through the color spectrum.

Once the lamp reaches the desired color, press the select - button to pause on that color.

Repeat the process to change the color.



Mode: Scrolling

This mode continuously scrolls through the spectrum of colors. Press select+ to increase speed, press select - to decrease speed. There are five preset speeds, ranging from 10 seconds to 16 minutes..

Click To Change Delay

Mode: Sound to Light

In this mode the lamp changes to random colors, in time with your music.
There are no further options in this mode.
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Mode: Pearlescent

This mode produces a cool white light, with hints of red, green and blue to give a pearlescent effect. Use the select + button to increase intensity and select - to decrease intensity. The Pearlescent mode has five preset intensity levels, it will always begin in the highest level.

Click #'s To Change