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The residents of your BW are shrimps that are found only on certain islands. These shrimps inhabit the inland pools that are found in lava rock. Deep red layers of algae line the walls of these pools, along with other types of macro algae. The Shrimps do not eat the algae, but rather maintain it, eating the micro algae and bacteria that grow on the layers of algae. They are literally the gardeners of their environment, maintaining the balance within the pools, keeping them clean so that the large algae can thrive. In your BW you can see the Shrimp grazing and grooming themselves and even carrying the odd piece of sand! If the shrimps are disturbed they tend to temporarily loose their bright red colour in an attempt to blend in with their background. Once they have settled they will return to their original state. Unlike their natural habitat, there are no predators in the BW, so the life span of the Shrimp can be extremely long - up to 10 years

Your Bio-Sphere is a sealed, spherical enclosure containing plants and animals in perfect balance within an aquatic environment. It is an elegant, completely-enclosed ecosystem teeming with plants and animals in equilibrium. The environment is animal life such as small snails, crustecea, and small water-borne animals. The plants provide oxygen (through photosynthesis) and food for the animals, which in turn provide carbon dioxide and nutrients for the plants

Beachworld Bio Spheres Classic comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and designs No 2 units are exacly the same...