Super Antquarium® AQBZ


This beautiful super antquarium® has a slightly rounded shape and contains the special transparent media where ants build their habitat creating new and unpredictable paths and tunnels.
Super Antquarium® includes: -

  • Container = Largest of its kind 5.25  tall x 1.25 wide x 6.75 long.  Measurements in inches width includes the curve.
  • Ants booster
  • Special lense 4x
  • Starter stick
  • Instructions Handbook In many languages


The concept of Antquarium® was developed from NASA for the purpose of studying animals in zero g for the United States. The idea was to carry a colony of ants in the space so that the astronauts could study the behavior of the bugs to zero gravity. Why? Well, they had study something while they turned around the planet Earth in zero gravity. This a unique gift is a self sustaining habitat for ants and comes in transparent gel that accommodates the life of the ants here, on the earth. This unit requires no food or water!!


The Antquarium: it is constituted from a highly nourishing gel that is non toxic. It is necessary to make 4 small holes in order to begin the construction of the tunnel net. You can purchase your ants via the label and plop them on it. Adding your ants is easy.  Open the top and put them within the Antquarium and start watching. You will be amazed as within a few days the ants will dig a spectacular system of tunnel and channels. The maintenance is minimal. Beyond supplying an ecological habitat in perfect equilibrium , the gel constitutes also the nutriment of the ants. If your ants are workign overtime and get sluggish feel free to open the top of hte lid to increase the 02.

ANTQUARIUM? - simply innovative

Antquariums , a GLOBUS product educational product:, it allows people of all ages to study the behavior of the ants and the social interations these creatures display. Its gel purposely formulated to nourish the ants. Thanks to the transparency of the gel, the architecture of the tunnels can be observed in 3 dimensions compared to the one perspective view of the old type of ant observation toys filled with sand or dirt. SuperAntquariums are great gifts for all.

  • The dimensions of the container measure approximately 14 x 16,5 x 3cm
  • Antquarium: it is an instructive and educational gift great for all ages the 9 to the 99
  • The antquarium contains all that that serves to exception of the ants
  • The blowup disc of a valve
  • The average life of an ant is equal to 6 months (the ants laborers then transports the remains of the companions in surface in order to maintain a cleaner enviroment
  • The Nasa Space Age Gel can be reused multiple times