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Plantarium Greenhouse

Plantarium Greenhouse

Msh1=Tomato and Basil
Msh2=Sunflower and Melon
Msh3=Marigold and Bizzy Lizzy


Easily grow your own maintenance-free plants with the amazing Plantarium – developed by NASA! Some people have desks covered in lush green plants; a veritable table-top botanical gardens. Then there are those who can't keep a cactus alive. If you're part of the latter group, you'll love the Plantquarium. This miniture desktop garden allows you to grow your own Melon and Sunflower plants at your desk, using nothing more than a bit of green gel. Okay, so ‘a bit of green gel' is understating things a bit.

A lot actually. The Plantarium gel is a scientifically amazing NASA invention; a non-toxic, nutrient-filled environment in which seedlings can grow and thrive. It also boasts special properties that allow it to withstand the immense g-forces experienced when a space shuttle takes off. Because of this, astronauts could take Plantariums into space with then and watch nature at work even while in orbit!

But you don't have to be an astronaut to enjoy the benefits of the Plantarium. This is perfect gift even for someone who doesn't have a green thumb. You get to enjoy the miracle of nature without having to lift a finger.
Color of gel may vary depending on  plants included
Package includes:

Plantariums, Non-toxic nutritive gel, seeds.

3 combos of seeds to choose from

3 combos of seeds to choose from
Green House Tomato & Basil
Green House Sunflower & Melon
Green House Marigold & Busy Lizzie